Making breakfast interesting is a challenge. I often find myself eating the same thing every day and it can get boring. This recipe contains what I often have for my breakfast, but prepared in a different way.

An avocado cooked in eggs. It’s as simple as the name suggests; cook an egg in an avocado. This is not only a way to incorporate good quality protein, good fats and nutrients into your diet, but it keeps you full longer. This recipe is healthy because:

Avocado improves your digestion because it is very rich in fiber. These fibers help keep the digestive system healthy and reduce your risk of colon cancer. It is also a natural detoxifier. Avocado fibers promote regularity in the elimination of toxins from the colon. This detoxification helps regulate the immune system and reduces inflammation. Avocado is also excellent for the heart. Natural plant sterols along with beta-sitosterol help regulate cholesterol levels which keep the heart healthy. Avocados are high in healthy monounsaturated acids that help prevent heart disease and certain cancers. Avocados also contain potassium, vitamin E, folic acid and magnesium. All of this in one piece of fruit is a great way to have a simple and healthy breakfast.

Eggs are also rich in nutrients that keep your heart healthy. Vitamin D found in eggs promotes bone health and prevents osteoporosis and rickets. They are rich in protein, vitamin A (which improves vision), vitamin B2 (which helps aid digestion), vitamin B12 (which helps produce blood cells), and vitamin E (which helps reduce your risk of cancer. ). They are also consistent and therefore allow you to feel full longer in the same way as avocados. Combine the two, and you have a filling and nutritious breakfast.

Egg baked avocado


1 avocado

2 eggs

Salt and pepper to taste

Turmeric to taste (optional)

Cayenne to taste (optional)

Paprika to taste (optional)


Preheat the oven to 200°C

Cut the avocado in half and remove the pit (set the pit aside)

With a spoon, scoop out some of the avocado to leave room for the egg, and gently press the avocado down so the bottom is flat and doesn’t spill

Crack an egg into each avocado half and add salt, pepper and any other seasonings you prefer: I like paprika, turmeric and cayenne pepper

Put the avocados on the baking sheet in the oven and cook until the eggs have set, according to your taste.


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